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Sunday, January 10, 2010


Greetings everyone! Recently I have been advised not to “blog everyday”. My “blog advisor” said I should not pester all of you with my trivial daily existence exploring different restaurants then sharing my dining experiences with you (Note: My existence is hardly ‘trivial’). Another blog advisor told me I should be ‘professional’ when writing my reviews so folks would take me seriously. I am no freaking professional and refuse to bridle expressions of my personality through my writing. Phooey on my blog advisors!

I feel compelled to share the story of how my blog site came to fruition. First of all, as my family members and dear friends are aware, this blog began out of pure fun and silliness! During the holidays, I decided it would be nice to leave the comfort of my home, my 50 inch flat screen T.V., super comfy barcalounge and spend the money (guys, we all know going out to a movie has gotten just a little $pricey$...that is why I prefer matinees – does that make me frugl or wise?) to see recently released holiday movies. Usually, I would enjoy a meal be it lunch or dinner while out taking in a movie.

When I returned home I would email my gang to share my food experiences with them at which time I received positive feedback. Two of my pals said they, “live vicariously through me” while two others told me to, “keep ‘em coming”. Mostly, I was told how my readers “love to receive” my emails and told me to start writing a restaurant/food review column. There you have it…my blog was born.

If you have read my profile you will note that I came from scant beginnings which have evolved to a different world altogether. In my cultured travels I have dined in some of the finest restaurants in the world, including, but not limited to, a floating junk (riverboat) on the Halong Bay in Vietnam. Therefore, I thought it was appropriate for me to express my worldliness in the area of fine dining with those who display an interest. And, believe it or not, there are many - it’s a simple as that.

When you check my archived restaurant reviews you will notice how my blog has evolved. The first two are extremely casual then I began to try and be a little more ‘professional (although, I am NO professional). Guys, I have no formal education, nothing. Just a couple of night classes here and there…no degree in journalism or English. I merely enjoy fine dining, have a palate for fine food and wine and like sharing my experiences with my friends and family. This blog is only one of several hobbies of mine. Those who know me are aware of my zest for fitness, athleticism and non-profit charity work.

It is now time to sign off and think about where I will go for my next meal. Of course…I will write about it. Cheers!

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