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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Proud of "Proud Mary's"

If you have the good fortune to visit or dock at the Dana Point Harbor walk, run, rollerblade or bike to “Proud Mary’s” restaurant. Family owned and operated for 5 years, they are located on the waterfront at the harbor (next to Dana Wharf Sport Fishing) with a beautiful view offering breakfast and lunch daily. Should you decide to hang around for a table, since they do not take reservations, you can mosey along the waterfront for some window shopping and if you are lucky you may even see some cute seals frolicking merrily in the water.

I must admit after a lengthy road bike ride there is nothing better than a hearty breakfast and a “Guava Mimosa.” My friends and I gladly ditch our helmets and bikes and take a seat at the front counter area or outside patio to share the “Short Stack with Bananas & Walnuts” and the healthy “Fitness Scramble.”

Proud Mary’s serves up the best banana walnut pancakes I have ever tasted! They are made with oat flour, walnuts and fresh sliced bananas. The cakes are light and fluffy and the bananas are perfectly caramelized into slices of sticky, delectable, sweetness with the walnuts adding a nice healthy crunch. Delicious! Actually, if you want to cut the calories and sugar you do not even need to add syrup since the cakes are great eating all by themselves.

Surely, it is common knowledge that a combination of protein and carbohydrates after a workout is imperative for refueling our bodies! Therefore, the “Fitness Scramble” is ideal with the combination of egg whites, mushrooms, onions, spinach and grilled ground turkey. This low-fat, high protein dish comes with a side of cottage cheese & sliced tomatoes. One of my favorite dishes too (geez, I have lots of ‘favorite dishes’)!

Do not be fooled, Proud Mary’s has all the traditional breakfast and lunch foods including breakfast sandwiches and breakfast burritos. A local’s popular sandwich is the “Turkey Avo” sandwich. This ‘sammy’ is filled with turkey, avocado, provolone cheese, sprouts, tomato and mayo on squaw bread. For a low-fat, healthier version, omit the cheese and mayo…guilt free.

For the vegetarian/vegan foodies out in blog land, Proud Mary’s also offers an “Avocado Sandwich”, “Bean & Cheese Burrito” (with salsa), “Avocado Burrito” (with beans and salsa) and “Three Cheese Quesadilla”. Of course, the staff will gladly hold the dairy for the vegan folks.

They also have a full bar that faces the lovely view of the harbor. Nick, one of the bartenders and owners, also serves up a lovely “Guava Mimosa” with champagne and guava juice. For those who enjoy a “Bloody Mary” along side their ‘breakie’, your friendly bartender also makes a killer one with just the right amount of spicy kick to it.


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  1. big mistake reading this when i was hungry!!!

  2. Haha! Guess you'll just have to head over and have some a lil' breakie!!