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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Dinner and a Movie...or two...

Okay, here goes...saw "Sherlock Holmes" on Monday. Loved it! Actually, besides liking Robert Downey, Jr. (he is lean and muscular in this role), I very much appreciated the martial arts moves (Randy, you love the deadly combinations too!!). Waiting for the sequel!

"Up in The Air" was good. Interesting story line and who doesn't enjoy ooggling at George Clooney shirtless, laying on the floor?? Enjoyable, but it had it's moments of sadness. Worth it. The precursor to this movie was an absolutely delightful vegan lunch at "The Loving Hut" vegan restaurant in Ladera Ranch. My maiden voyage and well worth the 30 minutes it took me to drive there! The Aulac Salad satiated my Vietnamese salad cravings and tingled my tongue with the fresh crispiness of the greens and cabbages which were topped with a splendid peanut dressing. Their version of won ton soup, a.k.a., Heavenly Soup made me smile. Although, the Wong Tong soup at Greens Cafe in Irvine is the best I have ever tasted!!. Holy crab cakes, I'd drive to 'samesville Irvine' just for the soup at Greens Cafe! David the waiter and Lawrence the owner are very engaging allowing a lone patron to feel comfortable while dining solo making for a lovely repast. I often frequent dining establishment by my lonesome therefore, when the proprietor is friendly, the experience is much more enjoyable. No worries, I'm used to it. Oh yes, everyone who truly knows me (sisters) knows I just LOVE coconut. Loving Hut has the best vegan German Chocolate Cake I have ever tasted. Coconut and dark chocolate, which, is not too sweet! Agave nectar happens to be their sweetener of choice for this delicious culinary sweetness. I highly recommend their cheesecake too....delectable and vegan.

I'll see "Blind Side" and based on what I've heard, I'll cry too. I'm the poignant, sensitive type...despite my strong, lean chick muscles. Hahaha!!

If your lucky, more opinions to follow in the near future. Then again, I may resort to my On Demand movies and save the extra $$$ it costs (even the matinees are getting pricey).

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