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Thursday, February 24, 2011


Howdy foodies! I have recently teamed up with http://www.ocinsite.com/ as the restaurant critic & food writer for Orange County's newest, hippest e-newsletter. Twice a month I will feature articles related to any and all things having to do with food in the greater O.C. area--from new restaurants, mom & pop diners, food festivals, farm to table dinner events and even an occasional celebrity dinner party blog hosted in my own dining room!

Please click on the above link (read about Sunday Night Chef Fights), check me out, sign up for your free e-newsletter and give me a follow...you never know who may show up for dinner?!

NOTE: I will continue to supply my personal blog--PsHotDish--with continued restaurant reviews...after all, there is a whole nation full of restaurants waiting to showcase the talent behind the burner!
Thank you for your anticipated support and "cheers" from Laguna Beach!
P.S. PsHotDish restaurant review to follow soon!

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