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Sunday, March 28, 2010

BISTRO LQ & Chef Laurent Quenioux

As I sat and contemplated what I believe to be a horrendous drive from the O.C. to the greater L.A. area dodging cars, sitting in traffic and stressing having to make my dinner reservation, I had no idea the ultimate destination was going to knock my stiletto pumps off my tootsies and leave me feeling extremely satiated and happy!

Ok…ok, tired of guessing as to where I ended up…well, the ‘ultimate destination’ for my lovely repast was “Bistro LQ” just shy of West Hollywood. Chef/Owner, Laurent Quenioux from Sologne, France (formerly of The Regency Club of Los Angeles, 7th Street Bistro in downtown LA and Executive Chef at Dodger Stadium in the 1990’s) opened this great dining spot in July of 2009. Chef Laurent’s philosophy regarding gastronomy is that food is, “an orgy derived from the alchemy of the flavors and the senses.” I concur whole heartedly! Now that, my friends, is a very passionate Chef!

Bistro LQ is well known for its superb cheese selections and condiments, handmade breads and extremely reasonable wine selections with many French reds and whites on the menu with a sprinkling of lovely sparkling wines. Bistro also has a handful of tasty artisan beers. For some odd reason (full moon maybe?) my dining party did not partake in the inviting cheese tray nor were we interested in the wines with a great price point. Maybe due to the fact that we brought wine from hubby’s cellar and savored those two bottles with our meal. How could one go wrong with a 1989 Margaux and 1990 Chapoutier Le Sizeranne Hermitage? Truth be told, upon our arrival we ordered a bottle of Louis de Sacy "Traditional" Champagne for a mere $70 and it was just lovely. Pure wine bliss!

A generous portion of sea urchin fillet sat boastfully atop my serving of “Sea Urchin Tapioca Pudding” partnered with a side of “Kumamoto Oysters in Yuzu Martini Gelee”. Come on, tapioca pudding with oysters and lemon flavors…ah duhh, DELICIOUS! The firm oceanic uni made a lovely meritage with my deeply flavored tapioca.

“Smoked Herring” anyone? Ours was served with Mousseline of Potatoes, Jerez Vinaigrette and Sautéed Quail Eggs. Once again, for the average American, eggs and bacon are the perfect combination…not if you are from Sologne, France. The herring had a subtle smokey flavor that kissed the quail egg with a gentle salty delightfulness. Fish and eggs my friends, fish and eggs!

My fellow foodies when was the last time you had “Black Scabbard in Caul w/Celery Root, Pomegranate Nage?” Yeah, I didn’t think so! For those of you who were wondering, black scabbard is a fish from the Atlantic Ocean that is very popular in Spain and the ‘caul’ adds moisture and more flavor to the fish. My black scabbard was extremely moist and full of flavor with an accompanying velvety pomegranate nage. Wonderful preparation and execution Chef Laurent!

I could go on and on explaining all the details about the many other savory dishes my dining group enjoyed together but I will not. But, I must mention the “Wild Boar Shank Tamales with Empanada” and the "Chukar Partridge" they are luscious treats to behold on your palate! Guess that means you will just have to trek on over to Bistro LQ and create your own personal dining extravaganza.

I will leave you with this…have some dessert! Ditch the diet for an evening…you won’t be sorry you did. The desserts are designed by Jun Tan and his desserts are to die for. Out of the four we tasted my favorite was the “Le Gateau” which is Chocolate Cake with Crème Anglaise and Whipped Cream. Although, the “Huckleberry Moussse w/Pistachio Cake and Beer Brittle” did tantalize my tongue. Need I say more? Surely I need not offer an explanation. Just leave it to your imagination and enjoy! More, give me more!!

Perhaps the nicest surprise of the evening was the cost. While not inexpensive, the prices are quite reasonable particularly considering the uniqueness, quality and amount of work involved in producing such gastronomy. My dining experience at Bistro LQ will make future drives out to the LA basin less daunting - I look forward to my next one.


Bistro LQ
8009 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(323) 951-1088

Exceptional $Price$ Point
Open Daily Except Monday
Valet Parking Available
Unbelievably Reasonable Wine Selection


  1. Hahaha! Actually, pomme frittes would be lovely with the Black Scabbard. Cheers Stephen!! Thanks for the comment. p3